High Performance Multiple Circular Saw

SerrariaLinha Standard

Circular saw for cutting blocks, with reinforced structure and high production speed.

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Multiple Circular Saw P/BL 150mm 2 Axis High Performance – SCM150/2.AR

Maximum Passage Width: 600 mm

Minimum Passage Height: 70 mm

Maximum Passage Height: 150 mm

Axis: Ø 80 mm (2x)

Number of Saws per Axle:10x

Saws: Øext. 350 mm Øint. 110 mm (12/8 mm double key)

Shims: Øext. 160 mm (aluminium)

Top Rollers: 2x

Lower Rollers: 6x

Maximum forward speed: 35 m L / min

Indicated Lower Main Engine: 150 cv 2p (1x)

Upper Main Motor Indicated:125 cv 2p (1x)

Main Motor Belt: 4/3v

Roller Traction Motor: 5 cv 4p

Feed reducer: GS (crown and pinion)

Length: 3366 mm

Width: 2782 mm

Height: 2233 mm

Approximate weight: 6100 kg