Cross-cutting saw with 4-track 3000mm 3-cut Unitizer

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Board unitizer with continuous cross-cut system

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Cross-cutting saw with 4-track 3000mm 3-cut Unitizer

The boards coming from the line or degrader are unitized by belts with 4 chain tracks and aligned sideways by pulled rolls. During the transportation up to the cross-cutting saw, the cross-cut motors (3 cuts) are suspended on rails that can be adjusted according to the cutting length. The cross-cutting saw is enclosed by a frame made of metallic plates that allows easy maintenance access. Structure reinforced with tubes and U profiles, ensuring long equipment life.

Minimum Board Length: 2000 mm (standard)

Maximum Board Length: 3000 mm (standard)

Maximum Board Width: 200 mm

Maximum Board Thickness: 38 mm (1.1 / 2 ”)

Minimum length Cross-cut: 1000 mm

Unitizer and cross-cutting saw motor: 3cv 4P (2x)

Roll drive motor: 3cv 4P (1x)

Cross-cut motor: 5cv 2P (3x)

Saws: Ø 550 mm – 30 mm hole (no keyway)

Total height: 2500 mm

Overall width: 4500 mm

Total length: 5500 mm

Approximate Weight: 4500 kg

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