Board Degrader 3000mm

SerrariaLinha Standard

Board bundle degrader.

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The board bundles are placed by forklift on chain accumulating conveyors that move the bundle up to the lift. The bundle is elevated gradually, releasing one layer of boards at a time. The layers are transferred to the unitizer by the chain conveyor. The slabs are separated from the boards by gravity and follow a chain conveyor on the lower part, which moves them sideways to the chain conveyor. The slabs are elevated up to a storage box. Structure reinforced with tubes and U profiles, ensuring long equipment life. Supplied with operation panel with CLP and inverter.Minimum Board Length: 2000 mm (standard)

Maximum Board Length: 3000 mm (standard)

Maximum Board Width: 200 mm

Maximum Board Thickness: 38 mm (1.1 / 2 ”)

Maximum Package Length: 3000 mm (standard)

Maximum Package Width: 1200 mm

Maximum Package Height: 1500 mm

Accumulating conveyor track chains: ASA80

Accumulating conveyor reducer: GD

Lift reducer: GD

Conveyor Chute Reducer: GD

Slab conveyor reducer: GS

Input conveyor motor: 3cv 4p

Lift motor: 5cv 4P (brake-motor)

Slab conveyor gutter motor: 2cv 4p

Slab conveyor motor: 1cv 4p

Total height: 3000 mm

Total width Total: 6500 mm (considering slab output gutter)

Total width: 6800 mm

Approximate weight: 4600 kg

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