Optimizer Circular Trimming Saw


Optimizer circular trimming saw used to recover boards.

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The trimming saw has two assemblies, consisting of the main motor and axle with roller bearing and mandrel, on a base supported on glides and a linear guide. The assembly is driven by a ball screw and servomotor, according to the gauge selected by the operator. The operator selects the cutting gauge visually with the aid of a laser system. After the gauge is selected, the board is transferred sideways to the machine input conveyor, which centralizes the board. Then the board is pulled into the machine to cut the trims. The chips fall automatically next to the output conveyor.

Velocity: 80 m/min

Minimum cutting height: 20 mm

Maximum cutting height: 50 mm (2 in.)

Minimum cutting width: 50 mm

Maximum cutting width: 450 mm

Minimum wood length: 3000 mm

Maximum wood length: 6000 mm

Main engine: 30 cv 4P (2x)

Servomotor: 6,1 N.m (2x)

Number of saws: 1x per motor

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