Forklift EI 2500 4x2

EmpilhadeirasLinha Empilhadeira

4x2 forklift for rigging on rough terrain

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Lifting Capacity

2500 kg

Tower elevation Height

4 meters (double stage)


MWM 229-3, 3 cylinders (3 liters) - 55cv (40kW) at 2200 rpm

Maximum Torque

167 Nm at 2000 rpm


Synchro-shuttle 4x2 Carraro

Pump Volumetric Displacement

24cc/rev. (52 l/min to 2200 rpm)

Maximum Pump Pressure

180 bar

Front Tires

14.9 x 24”

Rear Tires

7.5 x 16”

Turning Radius

4.5 meters


40 x 100 x 1300 mm (thickness x width x length)

Lateral Fork Displacement

200 mm (total stroke)

Leaning Tower

10° / 10°(front back)


3450 / 4780 (without / with fork)

Machine Width

2100 mm

Machine height

3000 mm

Operating Weight

5780 kg

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