Simple Circular Saw

SerrariaLinha Standard

Circular saw for cutting blocks, with pulled upper and lower rolls; upper rolls with pneumatic adjustment, input and return belts with rolls and without traction.

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Maximum Passage Width: 500 mm

Minimum Passage Height: 55 mm

Maximum Passage Height: 160 mm

Axis: Ø 80 mm (1x)

Main Engine Indicated: 150 cv 2p (1x)

Main Motor Belt: 16 channels 3v (1x)

Drive motor: 3 cv 4p

Drive reducer: GD Geremia

Advance Speed: 10/17 m.lin/min

Number of Saws: 8x

Saws: Øext. 500 mm - Øint. 80 mm (double keyway 12/8 mm)

Shims:: Øext 150

Top Rollers:: 2x

Lower Rollers: 6x

Case Width: 1362 mm (2250 mm with main motor)

Total Height: 2000 mm

Input belt length: 1800 mm

Exit belt length: 1500 mm

Total length: 5450 mm

Approximate Weight: 3500 kg (without main engine)

It does not accompany the main engines.

Main motor operation panel not included.

Frequency inverter not included.

Roll operation panel not included.

Saws not included.