Horizontal Cut Circular Saw

SerrariaLinha Standard

Circular saw for horizontal cutting of boards, blocks, and slabs Axle-bearing system, with mandrel for up to two saws and transmission belt.

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Horizontal Cut Circular Saw

Pulled metallic feed conveyor with pulled upper pressing roll to ensure wood traction. Cowl system that prevents internal access with the equipment in operation.

Passage Width: 150 mm

Passage Height: 100 mm

Saws Axis: ø 70 mm (2x)

Main Engine: 30 cv 2p (2x)

Motor Belt: 3 cv 4p

Pressing roll motor: 0,75 cv (2x)

Drive reducer: GD

Pressing roll reducer: GS (worm shaft and gear)

Sews: ø 350 mm - hole de 70 mm (no keyway)

Standard Cutting Speed: 43 m.lin/min

Longitud: 4000 mm

Width: 1850 mm

Height: 1400 mm

Approximate weight: 1720 kg