Forest Chopper 750 R8

BiomassaLinha Florestal

Forest drum wood chopper to produce ships from logs, branches, and wood waste.

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PF 750mm

Passage width: 750 mm

Passage height: 300 mm

Opening of the pressing roller: 450 mm

Rotor diameter: 800 mm

Toothed roller: 01 upper (pressing) and 01 lower

Milled roll: 01 lower

Input belt speed: 35 m.lin/min

Number of rotor razors: 02

Sieve aperture: 65 x 65mm

Chip nominal size: 25 - 40 mm

Estimated production: 140m³ / h (may vary according to the type of

knife sharpening period).

Tires: 400 / 60R15.5 ”

Diesel engine: Scania

Approximate consumption: 20 liters / hour

Fuel tank: 300 liters

Hydraulic unit: 340 liters

Input belt length: 3000 mm

Chip discharge height: 5000 mm

Width: 2800 mm

Height: 3400 mm

Total length: 9600 mm

Approximate weight: 13,000 kg